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    CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme UCAS Office (UCAS)

    Ms. Xie Yuchen
    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    80 Zhongguancun East Road, Beijing, 100190, China
    Tel: +86 10 82672900
    Fax: +86 10 82672900

    CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme USTC Office (USTC)

    Ms. Tian lin (Linda Tian)
    University of Science and Technology of China
    96 Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui, 230026 China
    Tel: +86 551 63600279
    Fax: +86 551 63632579

    TWAS Fellowships Office

    the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)
    ICTP Campus, Strada Costiera 11, 34151, Trieste, Italy
    Tel: +39 040 2240314
    Fax: +39 040 2240689

    Printed Document Checklist

    Checklist for Printed Documents

    Please send the following documents in printed form to the Sub-Office in your chosen university.

    1. Supervisor's Comment Page (signed and stamped)
    2. Admission Application Form for International Students (UCAS or USTC)
    3. Original copies of the two reference letters
    4. Notarized certificates of university degrees (Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree)
    5. Valid evidence of English and/or Chinese ability
    6. Notarized transcripts of higher education (both undergraduate and postgraduate)
    7. Complete CV
    8. Detailed research proposal
    9. Copy of your passport (only pages showing personal and validity details)
    10. Copies of all the titles pages and abstracts of max. 5 academic papers (if applicable)
    11. Foreigner Physical Examination Form